My Vision - Alexander Klassen

Total luxury combined with customised finesse: that has been both my drive and passion for several years.

Alexander Klassen

Specialising in exclusive bespoke Conversions for Vans, BURGANO offers you all conceivable amenities, not to mention superlative comfort. As well as this, we’re always one step ahead in terms of technology.

During the conversion of the base vehicle, we focus our attention on every little detail. My experienced employees manufacture purely by hand and using only the best materials.

We are constantly finding new inspiration and we succeed time and time again in overcoming incredible challenges. Our customers from all over the world know this.

I’m now looking forward to hearing your requirements.

Alexander Klassen
Owner of BURGANO - First Class Automobile

Enjoy your PRICELESS time with our bespoke FIRST CLASS Vans!

Manufactured by BURGANO

Limited First-Class Vans available now! Unbeaten superior comfort that matters.

Luxury Living


We offer professional armoring and protection for your personal security! Starting from BR3 up to BR7+ for all luxury VIP Vans and cars!


We use only finest Nappa Leather for our luxury VIP First-Class Conversions.

Real precious Hardwood

You can choose any wood type you like. Our professional team can handle everything!

Designed to be EXQUISITE